Bringing the news to life using Google Earth

Here’s an example of how students can bring the news to life using Google Earth.

Driving in my car today, I heard a compelling news story on the BBC about a hospital fire in Kolkata, India. The video below shows how I used Google Earth to “bring the story to life” so that I could better empathize with the people who died and were injured in the fire.

The video is a little more than six minutes long:

We need to get our students to empathize with world events on a regular basis. This sort of thoughtful exploration of the news events from around the world will be a morning staple of Triangle Learning Community, a middle school opening in August 2013.

If you liked this video and want to see another example of bringing the news to life using Google Earth, see my earlier blog post that brings the Three Gorges Dam in China to life.

For those who are curious, I recorded this video using a free tool called Screencast-o-Matic. I’ve introduced the tool to 9th grade students, and they are capable of making solid videos. It’s a superb tool to show what’s going on in a student’s mind, and it’s a great way for students to practice public speaking.

About Steve Goldberg

After teaching high school history for more than two decades, I am now focusing on Holocaust education. Specifically, I am working to tell the story of Holocaust survivor Abe Piasek -- more details are available at
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1 Response to Bringing the news to life using Google Earth

  1. Steve,
    This post is hits on so many important ideas…current events, public speaking, and meaningful learning, among other things. The more I read about the Triangle Learning Community, the more I wish I could have attended middle school there! Keep up the inspiring and insightful blogging!


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