Empathizing with a river

On Wednesday, my blog got 76 hits on a post I wrote nearly two years ago, about the Zambezi River.

My blog averages 60-70 hits a day during the school year and has been down to about 25 hits a day so far this summer — when I’ve not been blogging much and folks are recovering from a school year.

So a day with more than 100 hits kind of stands out:

I looked back at the post that accounted for most of that traffic, and it makes some good points — both about using Google Earth for empathy and about how we neglect Africa in our world history curriculum.

I made a few edits to the post, so it reads a bit more cleanly.  If you’re interested, click here.


About Steve Goldberg

I teach students at Research Triangle High School (RTHS) about US History. RTHS is a public charter school in Durham, NC, whose mission is to incubate, prove and scale innovative models of teaching and learning. The blog posts here reflect my own personal views and not those of my employer.
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