MLK Day 2013

On January 21, 2013, Martin Luther King Day, a group of families interested in Triangle Learning Community middle school (TLC for short) met early in the morning at the future site of TLC on Watts Street in Durham.  There, we discussed Dr. King’s work for about 45 minutes, particularly the last years of his life.  We listened to some excerpts from Dr. King’s April 1967 speech, Beyond Vietnam, and talked generally about Dr. King’s life, with a focus on the commitment he made later in his career to fighting poverty.

We then drove over to the offices of the East Durham Children’s Initiative, where we learned a bit about EDCI, a program modeled after the Harlem Children’s Zone in New York City.  We then worked with several other groups from around the area to provide service to Durham for about two hours, by picking up trash along several streets in the EDCI Zone.  Here’s a shot of most of our group:

TLC on MLK Day

After the event ended, most folks headed home, but a few of us went over to watch President Barack Obama’s inauguration at a local restaurant.

Not very many fifth and sixth grade students can say that they spent MLK Day, 2013, learning, serving, and in some cases, watching history being made.

Thanks to everyone involved for making today a wonderful and memorable day.


About Steve Goldberg

I teach students at Research Triangle High School (RTHS) about US History. RTHS is a public charter school in Durham, NC, whose mission is to incubate, prove and scale innovative models of teaching and learning. The blog posts here reflect my own personal views and not those of my employer.
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