TED contains 18-minute videos by experts from around the world.  As the site puts it, you can find “Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.”  For those who are curious, TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design.  

One of my favorite TED Talks (that’s what they’re called) is by Sir Ken Robinson — it’s called Do Schools Kill Creativity? (in case that link does not work, the talk is also on YouTube, with well over a million views)

One of the coolest features of TED is that there’s an interactive transcript for most talks.

When you open the transcript, you can click on any phrase in the talk, and the TED viewer takes you to that part of the talk.

I find that for most talks, I can listen to the first few minutes to get the speaker’s delivery style, and then I can read the rest of the talk to determine whether it seems like it’s worth watching the rest.  Sir Ken is worth listening to — his delivery is spectacular, particularly his pauses which occur at just the right places to let the listener process.


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  1. Suzanne Gulledge says:

    This story:

    covered by a local paper and others all over South Africa, is a topic of conversation on all the talk radio stations here. (One of our Carolina students is working as an intern at this paper and recently had an article published about baboons invading neighborhoods.) Anyway, in the story referenced above a group of teenagers threw water on a street vendor from the back of a truck. People have been outraged. She is a “street person” selling copies of The Big Issue to make a living. The truck and offenders have been identified. The woman does not want to press charges, saying that she does not want to give the young men a police record. The topic is one that has a universal theme related to the homeless among us.

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